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Pacific Northwest Highland Games
Enumclaw, WA

Alan Wright and Richard Manning watching Clan MacIntyre's summer meeting.

Society President Dennis Wright conducting our meeting. Society Secretary, Susan McDonald-Wright, is to the right taking notes.

Joe MacIntyre and Olive Adkins share a fun moment at the tent.

A friendly leprachaun appeared at the tent!

Marilyn Wright and Joe MacIntyre goofing off at the tent.

Left to right: Marilyn Wright, Lona Manning, Ken McDonald, and Alan Wright greeting guests at the tent.

Society Historian, Paula Price, enjoying the day.

Richard and Lona Manning with their newest family addition, a sweet puppy named Birdie.

Susan McDonald-Wright meeting with visitors at the tent.

Our tent with all it's regalia!

Katie and Ron Wright visiting the tent.

Tom McIntyre, tent host Mike Carmel, and Society President Dennis Wright.

Velda Wright-McDonald and tent host Barbara Carmel.

The start of closing ceremonies with Massed Bands. This is an awesome sight to watch!

Massed Bands presentation. Our very own Rick Murchie is in the center.

Massed Bands were playing “Amazing Grace.” Listening to them brings tears to one's eyes (well, at least your Webmaster's eyes).

Society President, Dennis Wright, ready to lower the flag at closing ceremonies.

The lowering of the flag.

The lowering of the flag is almost complete.

Closing ceremonies are complete. The Massed Bands will leave the field after the S.A.M.S. guards do.

Barbara Carmel, second-from-left, holds one of the torches for Friday night's Saltire Ceremony, which is the calling of the Clans.

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