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Ask the Librarian

We have a ever-growing library of reference material on Scottish history, clan affiliation, and Celtic matters in general and are here to assist with questions you may have and help you may need for a school project connected with areas of Scottish and Scots-Irish history. For more information, contact Barbara Carmel, the Clan MacIntyre Library, at

Scholarship Program

Clan MacIntyre Society has a scholarship program for students. Scholarships are awarded to college juniors who are studying Scottish heritage. Each scholarship is intended to help defray the cost of studies at a university that promotes Scottish studies. At present, St. Andrews University and the University of Nova Scotia are approved for scholarships.

At this time, Clan MacIntyre Society is developing the application process. Watch here for new information about our scholarship program.

Community Outreach Program

Clan MacIntyre Society presents programs about Scottish culture to area schools, providing education on Scottish history, customs, and clan names. Lectures are designed for elementary and seconday schools.

Many schools offer ethnic days as part of their curriculum which includes tracing student family trees. This program fits in well with those units as a valuable educational supplement. The program is designed to fit the needs of each class and lasts approximately one period.

The focus of the lecture is on the history of the Scots, their contribution to American history, and their way of life. We include a discussion of tartans from the Highland Clans and the District tartans of Lowland Scotland. For younger children, we use special props and an opportunity to wear a kilt. In addition, with special arrangement, there is the possibility of including a piper.

Clan MacIntyre membership includes several teachers and former teachers who are the primary presenters. If you would like to arrange a lecture for your class or school, please contact:

Barbara Carmel
12023B 12th NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 362-1822

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